Shoulders + Burnout

Shoulders + Burnout

Hello there!

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite shoulder workouts! I love this workout because it isolates your shoulders while keeping your heart rate elevated allowing you to build muscle while burning fat. Now that’s a win, win!

For the longest time, I struggled with not only getting good results from my shoulder workouts but also having a super difficult time getting excited to work them out! It was not until one day when I was doing tons of research on shoulders about ways to really activate that muscle group and different workouts I could perform that would be really effective. I landed on a page that opened my eyes to some great information I never knew about the shoulder muscles and I finally had that “ah-ha” moment! From then on, I have LOVED working out my shoulders and have fun coming up with different exercises and routines.

If you are in the same boat I was in and want to be more educated on how to properly and effectively work out your shoulders, refer to my post All About the Shoulders; this post should clear up A LOT. It will not only help you understand the muscle and how it should be worked but will also provide you with the knowledge you need to create your own shoulder workouts. After reading the article, if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out!

On another note, I have recently been adding in some burnout workouts at the end of my workouts. These burnouts usually require little to no weight and target both the already worked muscle as well as a plethora of others that can at times get under worked (*cough* abs *cough*)!

For those of you who might be confused with the term “burnout”, it basically means working a muscle to failure and that muscle will BURN, BABY, BURN! Get it? 😉 Anyways, some people add this as a part of their normal workout routine in the form of a drop set (perform an exercise with a particular weight, then immediately drop the weight to perform the same exercise for more reps or to failure.) So today, once the shoulder workout is complete, get ready for a quick burnout workout that will have you begging for mercy!

To prevent any injuries, be sure to warm up your shoulders and get the blood flowing before performing the below exercises! Actually, this goes for any muscle group..but you already knew that!

Note: if you see an exercises reps decrease, that means you should be increasing the weight, even if it’s only 5lbs.

Dumbbell (DB) Shoulder Press: 12x, 12x, 10x, 10x 
–> superset (ss): high plank shoulder taps

DB Lateral Raise: 3 drop sets– 8x, 10x, 12x (weight should decrease as the reps increase)
–> ss: DB front raise 

DB Single Arm Arnold Press: 4 sets, 12x each arm 
–> ss: upright rows

Face Pulls w/ Rope: 4 sets, 20x 
–> ss: around the world w/ plate

DB Single Arm Lateral Raise: 15x,15x, 12x, 12x
–> ss:rear delt fly with resistance band

for the barbell exercises, either use only the weight of the barbell or add very little weights. 

Single arm landmine shoulder press- 20x each arm
Single Arm Rear Delt Barbell Row-15x each arm
Bus driver w/ plate- 20 reps (a turn to the right is 1 rep, a turn to the left is 1 rep)
High Plank Shoulder Punches- 15x each arm (keep your core engaged)

Arm circles w/ plate- 15 forward, 15 backward (plate should weigh 2.5 or 5lbs.)


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