Hi! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and take a look around!

Let me take a second to introduce myself, my name is Ellen and I am the blogger behind Passions with a Purpose. Created in 2017, I was looking for an outlet to share my passions in hopes of connecting with others who share the same passions and to open the doors to those who are trying to find theirs.

As far back as I can remember fitness was always a part of my life and as I grew older my enthusiasm for sports and physical activity did not subside. I love the active lifestyle and how empowered I feel during an intense workout! The gym is such an important part of my life and it now even holds a special place in my heart because that’s where I met my husband, Nic. He is a certified personal trainer at the gym and we could not ask for a better passion for sharing with each other! Here at Passions with a Purpose, you will find different workouts, exercises, and information that will help you become your best self! 

My passion for food started at a young age when I would spend nights and weekends helping my mom prepare dinners for the family. I always loved being creative in the kitchen and enjoyed preparing meals for others to enjoy! At the age of 22, I decided to turn my passion into my career so I enrolled in culinary school and began my journey as a culinarian. Though I no longer work in the culinary industry, my passion for cooking and baking remains. I will be sharing recipes of all kinds, so whether you are looking for a healthy meal to help you reach your goals or a delicious dessert to impress the guests, you will find it all here at Passion with a Purpose! 

There is no doubt that fitness and food go hand in hand and finding your perfect balance is so important! I hope that I am able to help you all find a balance between a life that is healthy, active and at times indulgent! Passions with a Purpose is here to share everything I have learned from my time at the gym to my time in the kitchen!