It still amazes me that so many people think that fat makes them fat! Today I am going to give you the skinny on fat.  Diet trends have convinced us that choosing low-fat foods are not only healthier but will also help us to lose weight. This is far from true! When fat is removed from foods that are naturally high in fat the overall flavor and texture are compromised. This is where part of the problem lies because unnatural and unhealthy ingredients are added to these “low-fat” foods in order to add flavor and a better mouthfeel. Not to mention, these added ingredients also add back calories. Sounds ridiculous, right? Not only are low-fat/reduced fat foods unhealthy and unnatural, but completely cutting out fat from your diet means cutting out an essential nutrient your body needs to function, have soft skin and hair, and LOSE WEIGHT! But don’t goRead More →

Hey there! Today’s workout will be all about the back! Your back is the home to some of the biggest and strongest muscles in your body so it is very important to not neglect training these muscles. To be sure you are training all parts of your back you can break it down into these groups: lats, middle back, and lower back. Each of those 3 groups can be broken down even further into more muscles groups with more specific exercises to tailor to the smaller muscles, but when looking at the big picture, those 3 groups will be what you need to focus on when training back.  For today’s workout, I decided to try a new routine. I was getting worn out and losing interest in my old tried and true routine. Side note: if you ever start to find yourself uninterested in training a specific muscle group then I highlyRead More →

Hey everyone! I woke up bright & early this morning and was happy I had the extra time to write up this post about boxing! FYI: this post does not contain any workouts, just an informational post about how boxing could benefit you! Anyone out there resent the treadmill or loathe the stair master? Do you find yourself mindlessly walking on a slight incline while scrolling through your Instagram feed to kill time? Or do you just want to be a total badass? If this is you, then I suggest you keep on reading to find your answer to spicing up your cardio routine and LOVING it! Oh, and being a total badass. I started incorporating boxing into my workout regimen about 10 months ago and I have fallen in love with this sport! I was never the type to take a fitness class with an instructor because for me,Read More →

Raise your hand if you are needing a real butt-kicking workout! Okay, put your hand down, and go put your workout clothes on because I have a full body workout that will make you sweat and seriously kick your butt!  The other day I went to the gym feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated, but at the same time, I knew I wanted to get a killer workout in so that I would start my weekend off right. I knew I had to come up with a new routine or else I’d get bored and probably end up leaving before I finished my workout. Anyone feel me on that?!  I put my headphones in and sat there staring at all the equipment. My brain was dead. I had no clue what I was going to do! I scanned the gym for some ideas and finally decided on a full bodyRead More →

Today’s Full Body Pyramid Workout will target every muscle in your body and work them to the max! Not to mention, this will all be accomplished using just resistance bands. Below you will find 2 different workouts, one using loop resistance bands and the other using tube resistance bands!  I have an obsession with my resistance bands. I have come up with so many exercises with them and I love that they are small & convenient to travel with or use at home!  Resistance bands are more popular now than they have been and you will find people all over incorporating them into their workouts. They are great for warm-ups, cool downs, and everything in between. I like to superset with my resistance bands to really target the muscle I am working; however, I have found that using them in place of weights can be just as effective!  My ResistanceRead More →

 A cobbler, unlike all others, this Chocolate Cobbler is the ultimate dessert for chocolate lovers everywhere. A brownie-like top with a decadent, gooey layer of melted chocolate below ready to be served up hot alongside a scoop of your favorite ice cream! I think we can all agree that a typical cobbler is made with a fruit base that is topped with a buttery dough/crumble topping then baked to golden perfection and served alongside a scoop of ice cream, right? Well, my friends, this chocolate cobbler is nothing like that and in all the best ways possible. If you are a chocolate lover like myself then there is no doubt that this chocolate cobbler will make you do the dessert dance!  Well, my friends, this chocolate cobbler is nothing like that and in all the best ways possible. If you are a chocolate lover like myself then there is noRead More →

Soft, chewy chocolate chips cookies made perfectly with a buttery, unique cookie dough chock full of melty, gooey chocolate chip morsels ready to be gobbled up and washed down with a glass of milk. Can you smell that? Fresh baked chewy chocolate chip cookies in the oven, minutes away from being taken out and only seconds after that being devoured!  I once heard about a study that stated that losing your sense of smell may aid in weight loss. While this did prove to be true (in rats), there is not necessarily enough research to fully support this statement, but I personally believe it to be true.  Would you really have had that extra slice, or even the first slice at that, had you not been able to smell the freshly baked dough, melty cheesy and delicious pepperonis? Let’s go ahead and blame our senses for the over indulgence.  As humans, we associate smellsRead More →

This Sweet Vidalia Onion Dressing is bursting with flavor from sauteed sweet Vidalia onions and a hint of maple syrup that is complimented perfectly with tangy Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar! Perfect for any salad or as a creamy dip!  I LOVE sauces, dressings, and dips! I am that annoying dinner guest who always asks the waiter what kind of in-house dressings & sauces they make then proceeds to ask for one of each. However, one thing I do not love is finding that so many of my beloved store bought sauces/dressings are made with ingredients that I can not pronounce! Luckily, I have a simple solution for a catastrophe of this sort and that is to stop buying store bought sauces/dressings and instead, make my own! For some, that may seem like a daunting time-consuming task, but recreating store bought items can sometimes be easier than it sounds, take asRead More →

Hello there! Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite shoulder workouts! I love this workout because it isolates your shoulders while keeping your heart rate elevated allowing you to build muscle while burning fat. Now that’s a win, win! For the longest time, I struggled with not only getting good results from my shoulder workouts but also having a super difficult time getting excited to work them out! It was not until one day when I was doing tons of research on shoulders about ways to really activate that muscle group and different workouts I could perform that would be really effective. I landed on a page that opened my eyes to some great information I never knew about the shoulder muscles and I finally had that “ah-ha” moment! From then on, I have LOVED working out my shoulders and have fun coming up with different exercises and routines. IfRead More →

This kale salad is far from average! This Not Your Average Kale Salad is full of fresh kale leaves dressed up with a Creamy Vidalia Onion Dressing tossed with nutty quinoa, salty parmesan, sweet grapes and crunchy sunflower seeds!  I absolutely love this salad because it offers an amazing combination of textures and flavors PLUS is chock full of nutrient dense ingredients! I first had this at a summertime BBQ when the weather was hot and anything cold, crunchy and fresh had me salivating. I piled my plate high with the greens and dressed it generously; I wasn’t holding back on something that looked so delicious. It wasn’t but 5 minutes later that I had devoured my salad and was back in line grabbing more; it is seriously that satisfying & addicting!  There are many types of kale to choose from, all of which are packed with vitamins and minerals, but for today’sRead More →